Personal Training for Women

Girl Fight Kickboxing for women

Hiring a female personal training coach is one of the most effective ways to get results and stay consistent. Maybe you’re looking for weight loss, self defense, to burn off stress or just want to feel confident.

Each session you will sweat, tone and sculpt your body thru Boxing, Muay Thai, Self Defense and our unique approach to strength and endurance training. Hiring a Personal Coach helps to keep you motivated during your workouts and keeps you dedicated to your weekly goals. You don’t have to be in shape to get started. Our job is to get you in shape and help you make a lifestyle out of active living. Each session is an investment into your personal health and physical wellness. In order for us to commit to you, we also need your complete dedication to our Girl Fight program. Private Training Sessions can be held in one of our private locations or at your home, in a basement or garage.

Personal Training from women by Girl Fight. In-person or Online female Personal Trainers.
ONLINE PERSONAL COACHING: Personal Training online is held via Zoom or Facetime, and will be scheduled around your hectic life. No wasting time driving anywhere. No social anxiety about going to the gym. Your personal trainer comes to you online!

Each session includes a unique workout, designed just for you, with your personal goals in mind. During our personal coaching sessions, the trainer does the workout with you. It’s just like having a motivating workout buddy by your side. Our Female Personal Trainers work hand-in-hand with you, motivating, guiding & pushing you towards your goals!

Girl Fight Martial Arts for Women