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Your Guide to Creating a Martial Arts Studio at Home


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Your Guide to Creating a Martial Arts Studio at Home


The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt thrown a wrench in your family’s regular routine. Kids across the country are missing out on their favorite extracurricular activities, and parents like you are having a tough time keeping them active. But even if your children can’t attend their martial arts classes, they can still practice at home! Building an at-home studio is a great way to help your kids keep their skills sharp during the coronavirus lockdown. Here’s what you need to know about setting up a martial arts studio in your own home.


Will This Help or Hurt My Home Value?


If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, you want to be careful about the upgrades and renovations you make. Make sure that your martial arts studio won’t hurt your home value.


 A martial arts studio may be considered a feature that increases your home’s appraisal value, especially if you design it as a multi-purpose room. Your buyers could use it as a gym or home office.
 Garages and basements work well for practicing martial arts. Maximize your return on investment by focusing on budget-friendly upgrades.
 Remodeling your basement will help you transform this versatile space into a functional studio while increasing the resale value of your home.


Essential Equipment for Your Studio


The right martial arts training equipment will help your kids get the most out of their at-home practice. Outfit your new studio with everything they need!


 Choose martial arts mats that are thick enough for the type of training your kids will be doing at home. Interlocking foam tiles are cheap and convenient, but they’re thinner than other options.
 Punching bags come in a wide variety of styles, so do some research and pick a model that will work best for your child.


Keeping Your Kids Safe


When your kids are practicing martial arts at home without the watchful eye of a professional instructor, safety is paramount.


 Proper sparring gear, like foot guards, chest protectors, gloves, and mouth guards, will help your kids improve their skills without getting hurt.
 Make sure your kids warm up their muscles properly before practicing martial arts.
 Encourage your children to stick to non-contact forms of martial arts to reduce their risk of injury while practicing at home. 


Where to Find Online Lessons and Guidance


Training in the martial arts can be challenging without an instructor. Help your kids access online classes and videos to guide their practice sessions.


 Many martial arts studios, including Girl Fight, are offering online classes and personal training sessions during the lockdown.
 Search YouTube for martial arts tips and drills that you can practice with your kids at home.
 Get involved yourself! Learn everything you can about martial arts so you can provide support and help your kids advance their skills while they’re stuck as home.


Your kids shouldn’t have to put their training on hold just because they can’t visit your local dojo. Help them practice martial arts at home by setting up a safe and functional studio in your garage, basement, or spare room. Once you have the gear and the guidance you need, your kids can start burning energy and practicing drills right away!

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